Core Competence

Basic ideas

  • study and understand change
  • Plan and organize change
  • Facilitate and execute change
  • Sustain change
  • Change being any move toward the
    • rule of law,
    • equal access to resources and opportunities,
    • democratic government,
    • administrative decentralization
    • vibrant civil society
    • active political participation
    • shared economic prosperity
    • sustainabilty
    • peaceful coexistence


Fields of operation

The Center operates in many fields such as:

  • managing contentious politics, social upheaval, and the challenges caused by a failing state;
  • managing peaceful and effective transition toward a capapble and just state which includes: formulating collective, rebuilding/building institutions, peacebuilding through reducing violence and resolving social conflicts, managing refugees and stabilizing the economy, achieving social reconciliation and ending civil conflicts;
  • building civil society institutions that promote sustainable economic development, political participation, equal opportunity, and cultural growth;
  • building the institutional base and the know-how for effective governance and democracy;
  • promoting administrative decentralization and local participation in goverment and decision-making;
  • building a democratic government built on the respect of the different national cultures, the rule of law and equality before the law, and equal access to resources and opportunities.

We also help our partners and clients implement our advice and recommendations through

  • logistical management,
  • know-how acquisition,
  • capacity development