Understanding and acting

SCSCme is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that is incorporated in the state of Louisiana, USA, since February 10, 2012. The initial impetus for the founding of the SCSCme was the tragic turn which the Arab Spring in Syria was taking. The Arab Spring was perceived as a long overdue opportunity for change. However, change did not seem to come either smoothly or promptly. More questions were being posed than answers being formulated or delivered. The ongoing daily events were little understood, let alone the larger process of change. Given that atmosphere of shock and bewilderment, the SCSCme was founded to help analyze the ongoing events in the Middle East within a general theoretical framework that is capable of offering both a dynamic explanatory model and implementable interventions.

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What we do

Our systemic approach help us view change as a process that is part of the life cycle of a socio-political system. Change is not just political or institutional; it is not just about the upper echleons of the state or the ruling elite. Change has its own dynamics which bring together political, economic, institutional, and social strands in a complex process whose final results is the rise of a new system that can as a whole be called different while at the same time functioning and self-sustaining. Base on this approach to understanding change, we designed a number of programs, each concerned with an espect of change. Each program is comprised of projects, both internally and externally initiated. We make sure that each project staisfies bothe the goals and needs or our partners and our organization.

Our programs and services